Informal Play Readings



DIRECTED BY: Betsey Manzoni

Maggie survived the end of the world, but it hasn’t really ended, has it? Stuck in an abandoned building with nearly unlimited supplies, a broken radio, and a book of spells, she bides her time and waits for the monsters to leave. But when her daughter reappears, Maggie can’t celebrate because something is not quite right. The two women square off with both their lives hanging in the balance, and all that keeps them separate is a razor-thin chalk circle, hastily drawn by Maggie on the floor. The world premiere of ensemble member Walt McGough’s intense sci-fi fable digs deep into issues of motherhood, responsibility and possession of all kinds.

DATE: Saturday, July 13, 2019 - 7:30p.m.
The Drama Group Studio Theatre (see map)


Since 2011, The Drama Group has offered script-in-hand readings of a variety of plays, expanding the scope of our offerings to Patrons, Subscribers and Members alike.  Offered free-of-charge as true community out-reach, the series has brought to the stage titles we haven't been able to fit into our subscription season.  The wide variety of plays featured have come from World Literature, popular American Drama, New Plays under development and Classics of Readers Theatre.  Building these evenings on a shoestring with minimal rehearsal and production value allows us to focus in on the story.

We're always encouraging new participants and fresh ideas for this program.  If you have interest in directing or participating as an actor, please contact the Reading Series Curator, MaryEllen Fawk